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As the weather turns colder, snow and ice come into our lives, we begin to worry about power outages.  For many of us, the thought of a standby generator helps ease this worry.  It also creates questions that need to be answered before we purchase and install a generator.  What size is correct for our electric service?  How do we connect it properly?  Should we notify Steuben REC, Inc. when we purchase one?

When figuring for the correct size generator to purchase, you will need to consider the total load (kilowatts) if all of your equipment is working at the same time.  If you have a farm, each motor's horsepower will need to be added together and added to the load of all the services the generator will supply (example:  houses, silos, garages and shops).  Residential services will need to figure in the load created by their heating systems and/or cooling systems.  Steuben Rural Electric or the company you are purchasing the generator from can help you calculate the correct size generator.

Properly connecting a generator is of the utmost importance to your safety and the safety of the linemen. An improperly connected generator can put voltage back on the power lines and has the potential to cause the electrocution of any linemen working on the lines.  Steuben Rural Electric has specific rules and regulations for the connection of a standby generator along with the National Electric Code rules and regulations.  Before purchasing a generator, call the Line Department at (800)843-3414 or email to find out the requirements.

When a standby generator is sized correctly and installed properly, it can lessen the stress of power outages, enabling us to continue with our normal routines.  

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