Service interruptions can happen at anytime, for many reasons.  Whenever a power outage occurs, we strive to restore power as quickly and as safely as possible.  However, there are times when things such as storms or car accidents may cause prolonged power outages.  Understanding common causes of outages and the steps to restore power can be beneficial.


The Steps to Restoring Power

When a devastating event effects our electrical distribution system, long outage durations are unavoidable.  Our priority is always restoring service quickly and as safely as possible.  Safe and quick power restoration must be done systematically.  Our line crews work long, hard hours to restore service safely to the greatest number of members in the shortest time possible.  Here's what's going on if you find yourself in the dark.

Powering Up After an Outage

These supply power to one or more substations.

A substation serves hundreds of homes and businesses.

Each line serves a portion of members from each substation.

These service smaller groups of members from the main distribution lines.

These lines service individual homes and buildings.