Steuben Rural Electric Cooperative is committed to providing safe, reliable and competitively priced electricity to our members.  Unfortunately, sustained outages within our service area remain a possibility due to weather, trees and wildlife.  Proper preparation is advised for any power-outage.  A generator can make these outages a safe and less frustrating experience, but only if they are installed and operated properly.  This can be especially true for members who rely on electricity for medical equipment.  Please follow all of the manufacturer's safety warnings while using a generator.Standby Generators

A generator installation must have a double-throw transfer switch.  The National Electric Code and your Cooperative requires this switch for two very good reasons: (1) it prevents the flow of current into the Cooperative's lines during an outage, which could electrocute line workers attempting to restore power; and (2) it prevents feedback of power through the generator when regular electric service has been restored, which could destroy the generator.

Before purchasing a generator, call the Line Department at (607) 776-4161 or (800) 843-3414 to find out the requirements.

When a standby generator is sized correctly and installed properly, it can lessen the stress of power outages, enabling us to continue with our normal routines.