Almost every home has them — kitchen appliances, television sets, computers, or gaming systems. We often spend a good deal of time and money in our purchase of these products. Steuben Rural Electric suggests also investing some time in learning how to protect such appliances and electronics from surge damage.

If not protected, some electronics can be immediately destroyed by surges, while others can sustain damage that will shorten their lives and decrease functionality. The amount of damage that can be caused to electronics or appliances may not be visible initially, but over time it can result in equipment failing to work properly.

We want to help you shield your equipment and appliances by installing an affordable surge protector.  Steuben Rural Electric Cooperative offers a wide range of surge protective devices to meet every member's needs.  Steuben Rural Electric Cooperative has researched and found a line of surge protectors that have a good warranty, great pricing and excellent protection.

We also offer a variety of panel surge protectors that can be installed by a qualified electrician.  Please call our office at (607)776-4161 or (800)843-3414 for further details on any of the products listed above or other general questions.

**Surge Protection products are only available for sale to active Steuben Rural Electric Cooperative members.

Description:  Hard Wire Surge Arrestor

Application:  Residential, Home Office & Light Industrial

Installation:  Wired at the buildings entry point by a qualified electrician

Price:  $94.00 plus tax

Description:  Meter Base Surge Arrestor

Application:  Residential & Home Office

Installation:  Installed at the meter base by a Cooperative employee

Price:  $119.25 plus tax

Description:  8 Outlet Surge Strip

Application:  Residential & Home Office

Installation:  Self Installation

Price:  $55.00 plus tax

Description:  Whole House Kit

Includes:  TES 4PCT, TES 1PC, TES 1PT & TES 1P

Application:  Residential & Home Office

Installation:  Self-Installation

Price:  $94.00 plus tax